Club Fittings

Our skilled fitters will help golfers realize their full potential with clubs matched to your unique needs and swing style.

Our Process and Benefits

Custom golf fitting is a crucial to golf game improvement. We use Trackman technology which gives us over 25 different parameters to analyze what happens during your unique swing. Our approach to fittings leverages data such as landing angle, spin rate, and ball speed to identify equipment that will give you the best results. 

Spot 29’s professional fitters will assess your swing, impact, and physical status to recommend the right models for various playing conditions.

Here’s an example of how professionals and coaches use Trackman Technology to inform club fittings.

Price List

Wood Fitting

90 Minutes


Iron Fitting

90 Minutes


Wedge Fitting

90 Minutes


Full Bag Fitting

3 Hours


Junior Fitting

1 Hour


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