Irish Golf Academy

Meet the pros of IGA at Spot 29. Golfers of all ages and skill levels enjoy individualized coaching, use of Trackman Radar, video analysis, on-course observation.

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Irish Golf Academy's

Teaching Philosphy

Our philosophy of teaching the game involves concepts learned from the top teachers and players in the world.

We use Trackman Radar and video analysis, on-course observation, and experience to evaluate student strengths and weaknesses. We’ll asses individuals based on body type, physical limitations, and dedication to practice, and work to help you reach your goals on the golf course.

“We truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

Benefits of Trackman Technology

Play golf year round with our 3 Indoor Trackman Simulators. Bring in friends for a virtual round of golf on the best courses in the world. Test your skills on some of the most famous holes!

Trackman is the leading simulator company in the world that provides the best graphics and accuracy to being outside.  Trackman uses a dual radar system to track the ball flight with real flight, spin, distance, etc. Golf 18 holes in just two hours on the trackman!

Luxurious Ireland Golf Tours

The Irish Golf Academy provides small group experiences rooted in our heritage. Owner and tour guide, Barry McMahon, goes beyond the golf course, showing you the Irish community and culture we know and love.