Open Practice

Free Practice gives you the freedom to play the way you want, while still taking advantage of the pinpoint-accurate tracking and in-depth stats that makes Inrange®, well, Inrange®.

  • Track & view every shot in real time
  • Gather complete play stats for analysis
  • Range-to-premium ball conversion

Tee & Target Practice

Range practice was missing one thing: pressure. Until now that is. With Tee & Target, range targets scale to your Inrange Handicap™ for personalized practice with purpose.

  • Practice tailored to your skill level
  • Targets scale to your current ability
  • Bring focus to your range session


Ratchet up the pressure and put your skills to the test with challenges designed to make practice both exciting – and rewarding.

  • Two engaging, skill-based challenges
  • Gamify your practice experience
  • Climb the range Leaderboard


Inrange® tracks every ball with precision, making in-depth post-practice analysis the best way to measure your progress and hone your game. Your data is instantly synced to the cloud.

  • Know what’s working – and what to work on
  • Slice & dice the data that matters to you
  • Track dispersion, distance, trajectory & more

Handicap Journey

Your unique Inrange Handicap™️, the world’s first driving range handicap, makes your range practice experience truly custom to the golfer you are – and the golfer you strive to be.

  • Earn your unique Inrange Handicap™️
  • Every shot affects your Handicap
  • Understand your biggest improvement opportunities

The complete practice experience, for every golfer.

In-app features including skill-based challenges, exhaustive cloud-synced shot data and the world’s first driving range handicap, make the Inrange Handicap™️, the Inrange® app is everything players need to make practice purposeful, engaging, progress-oriented and rewarding.